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Maintainers wanted!

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nerd So… it’s been lot of time that CcMail is not updated, and it needs a refresh and serious love by some talented maintainer. I’m not going to keep updating it by myself (my focus has shifted to other matters), but I’ll be glad to help you with any kind of support and web hosting. You will have full responsibility and recognition; the script itself will remain free of charge and open source.

I’d love it if someone would help out :) Please comment below if you’re interested.

We are back (in black)

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The site has been down for a while.
There is no need of a blog in the internet facebook times… but here it is.


News ufficiali

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Selex GalileoDa luned√¨ 21 luglio il vostro affezionatissimo inizier√† a lavorare presso Selex Galileo, gruppo Finmeccanica, sede di Firenze. Saluto e ringrazio i colleghi di laboratorio presso l’Universit√† degli Studi di Firenze, con i quali ho vissuto un’esperienza veramente positiva.

Success story: my work presented at EuMW2008

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Prof.Cidronali just submitted a paper entitled “Linearization of Power Amplifiers for Next Generation of Wireless Communications“. It will be presented at The 2008 European Microwave Week Conferences in Munchen. The good thing is that it contains, together with the shiny work done by MicLab’s researchers, a noteworthy resume of the work I did in my thesis.
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CcMail 1.0.2 released with critical security FIX

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CcMail 1.0.2This minor release fixes a known problem reported here, that allowed a remote attacker to easily grant access to the admin area. Steps to reproduce the bug are reported in the page. Update is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

I also added some other language packs and updated some broken links.

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